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Eurokids provides innovative learning kits for every child as they step into the new world of education. These learning kits are designed to aid your child’s growth and development. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
Enjoy the best pre-school facilities for your child with EuroKids. Let your child enjoy a warm caring environment with 100% safe and non-toxic toys in our toy library. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
EuroKids ensures your child receives close attention and care with adequate levels of patience and understanding. The Teacher Student Ratio at EuroKids is 10:1 which ensures every child’s growing needs are addressed properly to help them grow to their true potential. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
EuroKids has been a pioneer in the field of pre-school education and this is reflected in our curriculum. Our curriculum is based on research findings by the Center on The Developing Child at Harvard University which focuses on the development of Executive Function Skills to help children in today’s modern world. #EFS #EuroKids
Sand play promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve aschildren learn to manipulate sandaccessories.
Support your child's developmental growth by participating in the screening and assessment process, and becoming a key member of the therapeutic team.
Experiences play a role in cognitive development, however the brain can only develop when the child is ready. Therefore it's important that activities like this are used during the child's sensitive period. EUROKIDS
The #EuroKids #ChildFirstIdeology gives every child an opportunity to reach his full potential through a nurturing pre -school experience. #AdmissionsOpen for #preschool! Suryanagar Bhubaneswar Odisha
EuroKids, opening the world of learning and fun, ensuring your child's overall development. Admissions Open. Eurokids Suryanagar